Peace and Love

I wrote this for a friend who needed some [tag]chill background funk[/tag] behind some spoken word stuff. I called it “Peace and Love” because of the spoken content. I created it on June 12, 2005 in an hour or so.

It’s [tag]83bpm[/tag] in the key of [tag]Bbmin[/tag] ([tag]Dorian[/tag]). The groove is an [tag]Apple Loop[/tag] (Effected Drum Kit). The rest of the instrumentation is produced by Logic Pro’s built in instruments: [tag]synth bass[/tag], tremolo flanged [tag]rhodes[/tag], Marvin Gaye [tag]synth strings[/tag], [tag]OB-8[/tag] style [tag]synth[/tag] inspired by Prince and The Time with some synth sax thrown in, [tag]Hammond[/tag] (EVB3), wah wah [tag]clav[/tag] (EVD6), and [tag]muted guitar[/tag].

Download: Peace and Love

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